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Bhuiyan Nibash - A Harmonious Family Retreat
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Bhuiyan Nibash - A Harmonious Family Retreat
Principal Architect: Mahmudul Gani Kanak
Lead Architect: Ahsan Habib
Design Team: Shihab Ahmed, Arif Mahtab Kabir Onjon
Engineer: Nesar Ahmed, MD. Nasir Patowary
Location: Rangpur
Size: 6300 SFT
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Bhuiyan Nibash is a residential haven located in Rangpur, Mahigonj, thoughtfully designed for a joint family dynamic. Although primarily inhabited by the parents, the space caters to their children who frequently visit. Nestled amidst the serene landscape, this dwelling offers respite from the demands of daily life, enabling the family to reconnect and rejuvenate.

The site's proximity to a dusty and heat-emitting rice field, situated on its southern side, posed a unique challenge. To mitigate this issue, we strategically positioned the building to shield the living spaces from dust and excessive heat. Simultaneously, we harnessed the prevailing southeastern air flow by introducing a central courtyard. This innovative design choice not only improves air circulation but also creates a visually captivating focal point for the entire property.

In response to the sun's intense heat from the west, we devised an ingenious solution - a perforated brick wall. This feature acts as a shield against the harsh western sun while facilitating continuous airflow. As a result, the bedrooms on the western side enjoy refreshing verandas, offering an ideal balance between natural light, ventilation, and thermal comfort. This microclimate design intervention ensures an optimal living experience even in challenging environmental conditions.

A crowning jewel of Bhuiyan Nibash is the rooftop bedroom. Dividing the roof into two distinct zones, we allocated one area for the bedroom itself, ensuring privacy and tranquillity. The remaining space serves as a versatile open area, perfect for gatherings, parties, or other leisure activities. This innovative use of the rooftop optimizes every inch of the property, providing both intimate spaces and expansive settings for various occasions.

To establish a visual harmony between the architecture and the natural environment, we chose to construct Bhuiyan Nibash using locally sourced burned red bricks. These bricks not only symbolize resilience but also blend seamlessly with the lush greenery surrounding the property. By integrating green plants and grass, we've created a visually captivating landscape that complements the red brick façade, resulting in a tranquil and inviting ambience.

Bhuiyan Nibash stands as a testament to Chinta Sthapatya's unwavering dedication to crafting spaces that resonate with the needs, aspirations, and surroundings of our clients. Through meticulous design, strategic planning, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable living, we've transformed a simple joint family residence into an architectural masterpiece that encapsulates comfort, functionality, and aesthetic brilliance. Bhuiyan Nibash is not just a home; it's an experience that embodies the essence of thoughtful architecture and harmonious living.

Bhuiyan Nibash - A Harmonious Family Retreat
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