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Crest/Trophy Design Competition for IAB Awards
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Crest/Trophy Design Competition for IAB Awards
Design Team: Irteza Ameen Tonmoy, Mahmudul Gani Kanak
Size: 6 INCH Cube
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The IAB Trophy serves as the most prestigious recognition within the field of Architecture and Design in Bangladesh. It embodies the essence of the Institute and symbolizes the culmination of exceptional achievements in the industry. The trophy is envisioned as a sculptural masterpiece, representing the design culture and philosophy of the society. This design brief outlines the key elements, concepts, and specifications for the creation of the IAB Trophy.


The IAB Trophy design is inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the Institute's logo. It embraces the concept of a monolithic form, symbolizing the strength and unity of the design community. The design seeks to capture the essence of architectural innovation and creativity while remaining timeless and elegant. The trophy aims to convey a sense of pride, honour, and achievement to its recipients.


The trophy is envisioned as a pure cubic form, with all sides measuring 6 inches. This cubic structure emphasizes balance and solidity while offering a compact and visually pleasing design.

The selected material is custom-made industrially produced black glass with a high refraction value. This choice of material adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the trophy, while the high refraction enhances its visual appeal.

The surface of the trophy will feature a smooth and flawless finish, showcasing the material's inherent reflective properties. This finish will contribute to the trophy's sculptural and artistic quality.


The design prioritizes the tactile experience for the recipients. The trophy's form is designed to be held comfortably in the hands, creating a sense of connection and pride for the awardees. The absence of a specific base allows for dynamic viewing angles, highlighting the trophy's monolithic and minimalist aesthetic.


The IAB Trophy is intended to be a centrepiece of pride and honour for the recipients. Its design ensures that it sits gracefully in the atelier of the architect, whether placed on a shelf or design table. The trophy's elegant yet impactful presence serves as a constant reminder of the individual's outstanding contributions to the field.


The trophy's use of a single material, high refractive valued black glass, ensures that it ages gracefully over time. The timeless design and choice of material contribute to the trophy's sculptural quality, making it a work of art that stands the test of time.


The IAB Trophy design encapsulates the spirit of excellence, innovation, and artistic expression within the Architecture and Design community of Bangladesh. The fusion of a monolithic form, high refractive valued black glass, and an emphasis on tactile experience makes this trophy not only a symbol of recognition but also a masterpiece that embodies the ethos of the Institute of Architecture and Design.


  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 6" (cubic form)
  • Material: Custom-made industrially produced black glass with high refraction value
  • Finish: Smooth and flawless surface finish
  • User Experience: Comfortable and pride-inducing holding experience
  • Display: Designed to sit gracefully on shelves or design tables
  • Longevity: Aged gracefully over time, retaining its sculptural quality.
Crest/Trophy Design Competition for IAB Awards
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