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Del RK Agro And Resort
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Del RK Agro And Resort
: Mahmudul Gani Kanak
Design Team: Irteza Ameen Tonmoyt, Sakib Ahmed Lam, All Mamun, Ahsan Habib, Mohammad Obaidullah
Project Manager: Sompad Das
Engineer: Noman Khondokar
Landscape: Majeda Tumpa
Photographs: Prano Hasan, Ahsan Habib, Mahmudul Gani Kanak, Shompod Das
Location: Narayangonj, Bangladesh
Size: 968752 SFT
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Embark on an odyssey of architectural marvels with Del RK Agro And Resort, an enclave of distinction nestled in Narayanganj. Orchestrated by the venerable Architectural Studio Chinta Sthapatya, this project orchestrates a seamless ballet between design and nature, transcending the conventional.


As Dhaka's paragon of architectural excellence, Chinta Sthapatya's craftsmanship transpires within the realm of Del RK Agro And Resort. Our involvement during the gestation phase ensured the alchemical fusion of landscape and edifice, unveiling an architectural diorama that enshrines our visionary ethos.


At the heart of this symphony lies a novel aquatic marvel—a nexus of seclusion and societal embrace—unveiled through an intricate network of interlinked pools and meandering canal. This aqueous ode redefines communal bonding and personal sanctum.


Nestled within this idyllic expanse are thoughtfully arrayed cottages, where the interplay of terrazzo, brick, and plaster crafts an opus of modernity amid the bucolic milieu. The arboreal denizens, thoughtfully integrated, pay homage to the spirit of the locale, etching another layer of authenticity.


Del RK Agro And Resort stands as a magnum opus—a living testament to Chinta Sthapatya's architectural prowess. A tranquil sojourn that bridges the chasm between human ingenuity and the natural world, weaving a narrative where architecture, as a vanguard of aesthetics and function, finds its apotheosis.

Del RK Agro And Resort
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