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Mirpur Ciramic Pavilion
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Mirpur Ciramic Pavilion
Principal Architect: Mahmudul Gani Kanak
Design Team: Ahsan Habib, Khondokar Farhan Ishraq
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Size: 1500 SFT
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The Mirpur Khadim Ceramics Pavilion, a remarkable architectural endeavour that emerged victorious in a competition hosted by Mirpur Ceramics and the University of Asia Pacific Architecture Department. This distinguished pavilion materialized into reality at the International Ceramic Fair, capturing the essence of innovation and artistic expression.

Our design concept for the Mirpur Khadim Ceramics Pavilion was born from the desire to intrigue and engage visitors while seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. The central idea revolves around the creation of a captivating "blind box" structure that hovers above the ground, both concealing and revealing its contents.

This architectural marvel generates curiosity and interaction by partially obscuring the view of visitors' legs inside the box, while simultaneously obscuring the interior with controlled illumination. The dynamic interplay of light and shadow, combined with the movements of the visitors' legs, entices onlookers to explore the pavilion further, inviting them to explore the world of Mirpur and Khadim ceramics.

Upon entering the Mirpur Khadim Ceramics Pavilion, visitors are transported into an immersive experience where creativity and craftsmanship converge. The interior space is thoughtfully organized to showcase the diverse array of products from Mirpur and Khadim ceramics in innovative and intriguing ways.

Elegantly designed tables of varying heights, constructed using a sleek 12mm by 12mm metal solid bar framework with a pristine white finish wood surface, serve as pedestals for the exhibited ceramics. The juxtaposition of materials adds a layer of sophistication to the pavilion's ambience while ensuring that the focus remains on the exquisite products on display.

The pavilion's flooring is a masterpiece in itself. Crafted from wood, the floor seemingly floats above the ground, providing an elevated and distinguished platform for the ceramics exhibition. This deliberate elevation enhances the allure of the space and emphasizes the immersive experience that the pavilion offers to its visitors.

The Mirpur Khadim Ceramics Pavilion stands as a testament to Chinta Sthapatya's commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation. This project demonstrates our ability to merge design, functionality, and captivating aesthetics seamlessly, resulting in an architectural masterpiece that not only garners attention but also provides a unique and unforgettable experience for every visitor.

We invite you to explore the Mirpur Khadim Ceramics Pavilion, an embodiment of artistry, curiosity, and engagement, and witness firsthand the harmonious blend of architecture and ceramics in this remarkable creation.

Mirpur Ciramic Pavilion
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